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Using A Staffing Company Can Grow Your Business

No matter what business your company is in, the fact remains that one of your most valuable assets isn't just the products and services being sold, it's the people you have working for you.

Look at any budget or balance sheet and you'll see why. For most businesses personnel costs typically dwarf other costs on the P & L, and there is a reason why. If you really think about it, your business lives and dies by the individuals you hire to propel the company. Often many businesses with great products simply can't leverage them into sustained profitability due to not hiring the right people or consistent turnover that handicaps company goals. For most businesses, the burden of having the right people on board is on the shoulders of the Human Resource Department and unfortunately new laws and increased regulation can make it difficult to find the right hires in a timely manner.

The good news is that by partnering with Certified Source Performance Group, a professional staffing company, they can do the work for you. In fact, using a staffing company is a great way to grow your business. According to the American Staffing Association, nearly 16 million workers are hired by staffing companies in the course of a year across various industries including industrial, healthcare, administrative, and professional sectors. There are many reasons why businesses utilize staffing companies, below are three main reasons why:

Quick Hiring

Turnover is one of the most common issues that hurt businesses. When an employee departs a position, the duties of that position aren't put on pause. It's even worse when a longstanding employee leaves because they take their institutional knowledge with them. It's also true that much of what that former employee worked on each day are things not listed on their original job description due to the nature of how jobs evolve over time. When someone isn't there to fill in that need, products aren’t produced, services aren't provided, and customers aren't satisfied. Having a staffing company like Certified Source Performance Group on hand who can rapidly step in and bring in qualified individuals who have been pre-screened, pre-qualified, and ready for the job is a huge benefit to any company.

Increased Flexibility

Some businesses have workflows that vary at different times of the year. Sometimes more employees are needed to complete a project and other times you may find your business having more people on the payroll as needed. What a staffing company like Certified Source Performance Group provide is the flexibility to ramp up and ramp down at different times of the year to meet your ideal schedule. Sometimes employees have life adjustments like medical or maternity leaves which can put you in a bind. Knowing the person will return, it doesn’t make sense to hire someone long term. Scenarios like this are where a staffing company can really prove their worth. These are common occurrences a staffing company is prepared to help your business through.

Reduce Risks

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a staffing company is the reduced risk to you. When you spend time and valuable resources training an employee that doesn't work out, you don't get that back. The opportunity costs have dollar values behind them, and they are often expensive. When you use a staffing company like Certified Source Performance Group, the employees coming into work for you have already been vetted and considered carefully to be a good fit for your business. This reduction in cost saves time, energy, and money.

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