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Questions Every Manager Should Ask a New Hire

Onboarding a new hire is often a critical period of any business. The faster a new employee can be assimilated, the sooner they will start being able to make a positive impact on the company’s goals and returning the investment that has been put into them. To ensure the best experience possible for both the hiring manager and the fledgling employee, taking time to have meetings throughout the first 3 months of employment is critical to learn how you can improve their integration and the best ways to improve the overall process for future new hires. 

One of the best ways to find out this information is to ask new hires questions about the process and the company as a whole. Not only can this give you valuable insight into how their expectations were met but it can give the hiring manager insight into what needs to be changed to successfully and quickly onboard new employees so they can hit the ground running and make a positive impact immediately. To help simplify the exchange and give hiring managers some ideas of what types of questions are best to ask, here are 5 questions that every manager should ask a new hire throughout the first 90 days. 

As a Manager, How Can I Improve Your Job Transition? 

Asking actionable questions is important because it can provide meaningful steps from an employee about what steps they have struggled with or continue to struggle with. With this answered, you can then further fine-tune your onboarding process to give your new employees the most support and resources possible to ensure they are thriving in a new position quickly. Furthermore, this question shows that hiring managers are invested in their employees and want to help improve performance whenever possible. 

Did the Company or Position Live Up to Your Expectations? 

Hiring managers and recruiters are often responsible for painting an accurate picture of the vacant positions they have available, so that job seekers can make an informed decision about whether the position is the right fit for them. The answer to this question can determine if the hiring manager did a good job of setting those expectations or if there is a deeper problem. If the answer to this question is “no”, it could mean that there is a deeper problem, and the future of the employee may be at stake. 

What Is Your Favorite Part About Your New Role? 

Not every question should be focused on the hiring process as a whole and it is important to learn more about your candidate and their experiences once accepting the job. Taking the time to learn what the new hire’s favorite part about their new role is can help determine how well they are blending into the company culture and how their strengths are being applied. If the employee excels in certain areas, this can be a great way to update their job role or associated tasks to meet their ideal workload. 

Have You Connected with Any Co-Workers? 

In modern business environments, collaboration will inevitably play a significant role in the overall success and the ability to solve complex problems. Asking how a new hire is connecting with their co-workers or how well they may know them can help remove some barriers and encourage teamwork. If they are struggling, it may be necessary for the hiring manager to introduce the new hire to the rest of the employees that they will be working with closely. 

Is There Anything About Your Role Your Do Not Understand?

Onboarding is often used as a tool to not only set expectations and assimilate a new hire, but it is also a way to make them feel like they are officially a part of the company and have the resources and tools needed to be successful. If it has been a month or more and they still do not fully understand their role or the requirements surrounding it, this is an opportunity for the hiring manager to determine what valuable information is missing from their hiring approach. Even better, this information makes it much easier to determine what needs to be explained more clearly during future candidate meetings. 

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