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Should Employers Be More Involved in Employee Wellbeing?

Modern job seekers are often looking for more than just a career that pays well when they begin reviewing companies. As the workplace continues to evolve, company culture as well as new benefits and employee programs are taking the forefront when enticing the top talent to join your team. Among these benefits are employee wellness programs. But with the trend for organizations to be more mindful of their employees, should employers be more involved in employee wellbeing? 

In many cases, what many employers consider wellbeing is not truly what it should be. And, while giving out healthy snacks or opening a gym in your facilities are great advantages for your employees, there is more to overall wellbeing than just incentivizing weight loss programs. Overall wellbeing should instead begin with understanding barriers that your employees may face and prevent them before they can decrease productivity, increase absenteeism or keep your employees from being happy with their current career. 

A holistic approach to employee wellbeing is often multi-pronged and will focus on 3 key areas: physical health, financial health and emotional health. With the right plan in place to address these areas head-on, a more understanding employee wellness program can be created. Now that you know that all 3 of these areas are important, let’s look at the benefits each can provide an organization once implemented and utilized to its full potential. 

Physical Health 

As a cornerstone of ensuring your employees have access to resources that may help them achieve their weight loss goals or become more active, physical health programs are a common installment in the modern corporate world. Improving the physical health of your employees can also help them avoid the development of chronic conditions or problems that may affect them later in life. Just remember, education and engagement are critical for implementing a successful employee wellness program that focuses on physical health. 

Financial Health  

Money can often play a huge role in the overall wellness of an employee; sometimes without the employer ever even noticing. Many modern employers are finding success by offering their employees access to financial resources and other complementary services to ensure employees are prepared for any financial hurdles or future goals that they may have. Although the level at which this service can be provided can vary drastically, it is important to find financial solutions that your unique employees are looking for. 

Emotional Health 

While a still-taboo part of the modern job industry, employees are looking for a career that gives them access to mental and emotional health resources that they may otherwise not have access to. Both physical and financial health may also play a role in overall emotional health; however, not all employees have the ability to emotionally cope without it affecting their performance. To help, consider offering your employees mental health days or looking into other employee assistance programs that may be available to you. 

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