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3 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Resume Before Applying

In our Job Seeker tip last week, we told you to have a clear goal on what positions you would like to be placed in. Now it’s time to market yourself with a resume. Many applicants make the mistake of not coming prepared with a resume prior to applying at an employment agency. Having a resume ready will help you to have a clear mindset of the job that you want and make your visit to our office smooth and fast.

1. Don’t waste space on a summary or objective section

We know you are looking for a job. You don’t need to reiterate your point in a summary. Most recruiters and hiring managers consider this filler space and skim over it. What they would rather see are your key skills that you have mastered. If you are a welder, create a section that lists the types of welding that you do very well.

2. Only Provide Relevant Information

You should only provide information on your resume that is relevant to your objective. If you have experience in one industry and are seeking employment in another, tailor your resume to show how your experience can help you in the new industry. If the experience doesn’t apply to the position you are seeking, then you can omit it. You can explain time gaps to your recruiter.

3. Avoid Using Fancy Formats

Some people like to get really fancy with their resumes by using elaborate templates and graphics. Many times, when you are applying for a job you will often be asked to upload your resume into an online application. If the software can’t read your resume you will find yourself spending more time fixing the errors. We suggest saving a simple version of your resume in an easy to edit Word format. If you are applying for a creative job, you can submit a create looking resume in PDF format. Just be sure to have a simple version ready if asked.

Bonus Tip: Get A Grown-Up Email Address

Nothing drops your chances at landing your next job than an unprofessional email address on your resume. Use a free email program like Gmail to start a new email address with just your name. Us that email exclusively during your job search.

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