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Choose a Staffing Agency That Can Handle Your Needs

A key factor in choosing a staffing agency is selecting an agency that focuses on the specific disciplines of your company. Most people who choose staffing services to help their business grow look at the size of the agency as an indicator of success.

The size of a staffing agency may vary from as little as a single recruiter to hundreds of recruiters worldwide. Single recruiters typically have a singular focus and will not be able to handle an account where a large volume of workers is needed. Large staffing firms may be helpful in fulfilling a huge need for employees on a nationwide scale.  However, you may find yourself paying a premium and may not be nimble enough to handle your specific needs.

Most businesses find themselves needing a staffing agency that is somewhere in the middle. They need a firm that can deliver results while remaining personable. We believe that when you are evaluating a staffing firm that you look beyond the size of the agency and really get to know their greatest asset – their recruiters.

One competent and experienced recruiter can outperform a group of entry-level recruiters. Being a great recruiter takes time and experience. It also helps if the staffing agency has a solid process for them to follow. The best agencies take it a step further and support their recruiters with education and certification opportunities.

A recruiter with a great reputation in their specialized field is far more effective than one who is brand new to their industry. People like to do business with people that they know, like, and trust. A recruiter that has a good relationship with other companies in your industry can be a great advisor on making certain hiring decisions.

Great recruiters not only have a good reputation with businesses in the industry they serve, but they also have a sizeable network of potential candidates to fulfill their needs. A recruiter that is already tapped into social media and has access to the best people in their industry can help you find potential candidates that fit your criteria fast.

At Certified Source Performance Group, we hire experienced recruiters with great reputations in their specialized industry who have a great network of potential candidates at the ready. We integrate our recruiters into our refined staffing process and give them state of the art tools to streamline the ability to place top candidates. This allows our recruiters to perform at their full potential. And finally, we make sure that all our recruiters achieve their Certified Staffing Professional credential from the American Staffing Association.  That’s why we are Certified Source Performance Group.

If you’d like to evaluate our team and get to know our recruiters, contact us today and let’s find out together how we can meet your needs.

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