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Common Job Search Problems You Should Avoid

While there are many things candidates should avoid throughout their job search process or interviewing, there are certain common shared experiences that many of the top hiring managers nationwide have observed. Although candidates may have heard some of these criticisms from interviewers they have interacted with in the past, there still may be some common job search problems that candidates are still actively committing even with past guidance. To help simplify the process, here are some common job search problems that many recruiters think are a great starting point for job seekers to avoid. 

Failing to Show Personality 

Any candidate can list their achievements on their CV or resume; however, it is becoming more uncommon for those same candidates to share experience and skills that reflect on their personality. As many industries begin to take a “company culture” approach to hiring new employees, it is more important than ever for a candidate’s personality to shine to open that initial door. Once an interview is extended, make sure the recruiter is seeing your real personality and not an act that portrays what you think they want you to be. This can work wonders if you come off as genuine and not arrogant. 

Not Applying for Specific Job Vacancies 

Modern job seekers have fallen into a rut and tend to blast their resume to as many hiring businesses as possible to see which line bites first. Unfortunately, this sparingly works and many of the positions that are being applied for may be out of the skills or experience levels the candidate has. Not only does this make the recruiter or hiring managers job harder, but it also limits the chances of finding a great career option and putting your best effort towards achieving that position. Instead of focusing on quantity, carefully review job requirements to determine if it is the right fit for you, then take a tailored, personalized approach to apply. 

Focusing on Salary Only

It is easy to get lured to positions based simply on the salary they boast to potential candidates; however, this may not provide a well-rounded view of what you are getting as an employee. Although another position may have a lower projected salary, that number may not include benefits, bonuses or other perks that come with the job. Taking the time to review a business completely and determining the scope of work required, commute times, working conditions and company culture can ensure you are accepting a position you are excited about each day long term instead of focusing on a higher projected salary that will make you miserable. 

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

While candidates may have an eventual position in mind that they want to achieve in the future, many try to skip the steps necessary to get there and set unrealistic expectations for the jobs they are qualified for. Rejections, for this reason, should be a learning experience that helps determine what skills are needed and what else needs to be learned before that eventual position is attainable. Just remember to not take rejections personally and instead use them as a constructive criticism tool to improve your worth as a job seeker. 

Ghosting Recruiters or Hiring Managers

Ghosting, or ceasing contact, with recruiters and hiring managers has become an ongoing problem in the modern job search market. Although this may seem like a great way to avoid confrontation, candidates that engage in this behavior could be burning potential bridges that may have for career advancement in the future. Whether you have accepted an alternative position or you are changing directions, there is no reason to not update your recruiter or hiring manager of what you are feeling or how the circumstances may have changed.  

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