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The Ultimate Guide to Headcount Planning

Organizations frequently evaluate their finances, strategies, and headcounts when preparing for the future. A critical component of making plans for future business success is ensuring they have the appropriate number of employees and skill sets within their budget. You can decide whether or not your organization can benefit from this activity by learning more about planning in this area.

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What are the Top Entry-Level Manufacturing Jobs?

There is no denying the impact that manufacturing workers have on our daily lives. Anyone looking to gain admission into this thriving industry will likely start with an entry-level position that allows them to get their feet wet and continue building the needed skills to advance. Fortunately, we are here to help break down the top entry-level manufacturing jobs that you likely have the skills for already.

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Certified Source Announces New Locations in Tulsa and Lawton, Oklahoma

Following the distinction of being named the Top Employment Agency in Tulsa for 2022 by Expertise.com, recent growth has led the company to transition to a new facility in Tulsa and open a new location in Lawton to serve job seekers and their employer clients better.

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Ways to Thank Your Team for Their Hard Work 

Managing a team of people can be difficult in many ways – from giving positive feedback to reprimanding employees when necessary. However, thanking staff is vital to continue empowering teams and their productivity. When we think about giving thanks to team members, we must realize that rewards can come in all shapes and sizes. What kind of reward would you want for your hard work?

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Updating Your Resume for the New Year 

A resume is the first thing a new employer will see, well before your physical appearance. Therefore, editing your resume as time progresses is essential to keep up with current reflections on work duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments. To help you through this process, we have five suggestions to help you update your resume.

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Hiring In a Tight Labor Market

It can be quite challenging to hire top-notch candidates in a tight labor market; however, putting some or all of these strategies into place will help your company lead in the competition for outstanding candidates.

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How to Stand Out in a Tight Job Market

Today’s job market is as tight as ever; nevertheless, there are ways you can ensure you will get noticed by potential employers. The following are ways you can leverage yourself to stand out from the other applicants.

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Certified Source Named Top Employment Agency in Tulsa for 2022

Certified Source, a performance-based staffing partner specializing in the manufacturing sector and repetitive task jobs, has been recognized as a top employment agency in Tulsa for 2022 by Expertise.com.

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How Many Employees Do You Need? 

Determining the number of employees you need is extremely important for your company’s success. This article will give you a few tips when trying to figure out whether your business is ready to hire more employees or if downsizing is necessary.

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Top Assets You Can Bring to a Company

During an interview, you may encounter the question, “What top assets can you bring to this company?” Know yourself so you can sell yourself, especially if you’re applying for that high-paying, top-notch job you’ve been striving for.

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