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How to Stand Out in a Tight Job Market

Today’s job market is as tight as ever; nevertheless, there are ways you can ensure you will get noticed by potential employers. The following are ways you can leverage yourself to stand out from the other applicants.

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Certified Source Named Top Employment Agency in Tulsa for 2022

Certified Source, a performance-based staffing partner specializing in the manufacturing sector and repetitive task jobs, has been recognized as a top employment agency in Tulsa for 2022 by Expertise.com.

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How Many Employees Do You Need? 

Determining the number of employees you need is extremely important for your company’s success. This article will give you a few tips when trying to figure out whether your business is ready to hire more employees or if downsizing is necessary.

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Top Assets You Can Bring to a Company

During an interview, you may encounter the question, “What top assets can you bring to this company?” Know yourself so you can sell yourself, especially if you’re applying for that high-paying, top-notch job you’ve been striving for.

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How to Start a Mentor Program

A mentor program should begin at the hire date of a new staff member, including a training checklist for specific job duties that are itemized to their particular position. Creating a welcoming process that provides mentorship through developmental and sustainable work procedures is essential to maximize new-hire success.

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How to Be a Good Mentor at Work

Whether working with a fresh college graduate or a seasoned employee who gets promoted, it is vital to have the skill and confidence required to advise new personnel throughout organizational and task management duties when beginning a new career.

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Great Questions to Gauge Employee Engagement

Your average employee will not go out of their way to give you feedback about the company. Many employees fear the backlash of “complaining.” This makes it difficult for employers to gauge employee engagement.

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Employee talking to his boss

How and When to Give Feedback to Your Boss

Without feedback, people would walk around their daily lives or at their job, unsure how they are doing. Feedback is needed to inform you of what you are doing well and what can be improved. Yes, everyone needs feedback, especially in their professional life. Everyone, including your boss!

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Employer Giving Feedback

How To Provide Effective Employee Feedback

Over the years, feedback has developed a negative image. Most people who think of feedback automatically imagine negativity or criticism. However, feedback is essential in most people’s everyday life, not just at work. From a routine dental checkup to an annual job review, feedback is a neat little way to determine if we are doing a good job or need to work on some things.

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Business Meeting

How to Request and Accept Feedback

Possible Solutions for High Turnover Why are employees so intimidated by “Can I see you in my office”? It might be that feedback from your boss, or even your friends and family, has developed somewhat of a negative aura. It seems that many people think of feedback solely as criticism. However, feedback is essential to…

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