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Possible Solutions for High Non-Employee Performance Costs

To be an effective manager, you must understand both the value and price of your employees. In the manufacturing industry, employee performance can be a huge source of financial losses or gains – making it critical to ensure that team members give their all every time they are on a production line. But what monetary value does an employee need to contribute to ensure that an organization is not losing money because of their non-performance? The most apparent answer is that they need to be producing as much as their benefits and income cost.

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Possible Solutions for High Overtime Hours and Cost

When a manufacturing facility’s productivity drops, it can often lead to extended time requirements to complete projects. As you might imagine, this makes employee costs soar as high overtime hours and higher pay start becoming a standard. But what if you could motivate your employees to complete the required work within designated work periods? With suitable systems in place, and an adequate workforce and training, finishing projects before overtime is necessary might not be as hard as you think. At least not when you are giving employees the attention they need to be successful.

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Possible Solutions for High Administrative Activities

Modern businesses often struggle to develop a company culture that attracts the right talent and ensures that employees remain committed to the goals that are in place. But what happens when the individuals who are supposed to oversee the success of incentive programs are not keeping up with the demands placed on them? Employees can quickly become disenfranchised if they are not motivated like any other job. But what can be done to encourage the motivators and ensure that programs are working as intended?

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Possible Solutions for Low First Pass Yield

Manufacturing organizations are constantly working to navigate disruptions. As the industry rebounds from the global pandemic and its associated labor shortages, production is finally starting to get back to normal. One of the best ways for these organizations to grow is to ensure that their finished product first-pass yield for primary products is calculated correctly. Focusing on motivation may be a great way to increase the first-pass yield to an acceptable range if it is low.

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Possible Solutions for Turnover

In the manufacturing industry, it is incredibly easy for a stellar employee to quickly lose motivation simply because they are completing the same job duties in repetition each day. Since this can quickly lead to turnover, businesses should constantly be implementing counseling, socialization, incentive programs, and recognition programs to ensure motivation remains at an all-time high.

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Possible Solutions for Low Productivity

One of the biggest problems most managers face is keeping their employees motivated and productive. This is even more of a challenge in the manufacturing industry because the workforce is required to do the same monotonous tasks every day to ensure that a specific product is made.

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How to Spot an Employee Ready for a Promotion 

Most business owners are invested in their employees and want to see them thrive and grow. Not only is this a reflection of outstanding leadership, but it is also a clear sign that the organization is moving in the right direction. But how do you know when an employee is ready for a promotion, and what key moments should you be looking for as their manager? This article will explore some of the things that may signify a promotion is due and some tips on rewarding outstanding performers within the company.

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Position Yourself for New Opportunities 

If you are looking for a job or want to continue your existing career with a new company, there is a good chance that you do not want to submit your resume only to have it buried in a stack of other hopeful applicants. The truth is, you want to ensure that you are the top candidate for the positions that you are applying for. This article will explore how you can position yourself for new opportunities and ace an interview with leading employers.

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Keep Employee Momentum Going in 2022 

When you started your business or took on a management role, there is a good chance that you had set clear and defined goals about what you wanted to achieve. While things may have gotten off to a great start, it is easy to quickly fall back into old patterns. The truth is, sticking to your goals can be challenging for anyone – especially your employees. But what can you do as an employer to set them up for the best chances at success so they can keep the momentum going into 2022?

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Stick to Your Career Goals in 2022 

For most people, the start of the New Year is a chance to lose weight or stop smoking. While these are admirable goals, they are only a few options you could choose to better your circumstances and improve your quality of life. If you want to take a tremendous step towards making real change in your life, why not consider setting new career goals in 2022 instead?

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