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Upskilling and Reskilling: Staying Competitive in the Job Market

The terms “upskilling” and “reskilling” have become increasingly important, and understanding their significance can help you thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

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Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Skilled Workers

The manufacturing sector in Oklahoma faces a significant challenge – attracting and retaining skilled workers.

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Navigating the Digital Job Market: How to Apply Online Effectively

In this article, we’ll explore some strategies to help you apply for jobs online with confidence and efficiency, and we’ll introduce you to a groundbreaking tool called “Interview Magic” that simplifies the process.

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Streamlining Recruitment: The Role of Technology in Staffing

In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of staffing technology and the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and introduce you to a game-changing AI-based system called “Interview Magic” that’s transforming candidate matching.

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Unlocking Opportunities: Finding Your Ideal Jobs in Tulsa

The city of Tulsa is experiencing a remarkable transformation. Once known primarily for its oil heritage, Tulsa has evolved into a diverse and vibrant hub of economic activity.

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Reducing Hiring Costs: The Economic Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing Recruitment

Finding the right people for the job is essential for manufacturers. However, recruiting new employees can be both time-consuming and expensive.

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Career Advancement Opportunities in Oklahoma Manufacturing

This article will explore the various paths for growth, discuss the importance of acquiring additional skills and education, and highlight the potential for leadership and management roles.

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Empowering Manufacturers: The Role of a Staffing Agency in Tulsa

Finding qualified talent to fill crucial roles is a perpetual challenge in the fast-paced manufacturing world. That’s where staffing agencies step in, bridging the gap between employers and skilled professionals.

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Exploring Careers in the Manufacturing Industry

From the assembly lines of automobile factories to the high-tech facilities crafting cutting-edge electronics, the manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in shaping our modern world.

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onboarding manufacturing employees

Strategies to Improve Manufacturing Employee Onboarding

Onboarding employees is an integral part of the hiring process. By following these onboarding best practices, you can ensure your new hires get the positive start they deserve.

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Factory Worker in Blue Work Coat and Protective Glasses is Assembling Laptop's Motherboard with a Screwdriver

What Makes Manufacturing a Great Industry to Work In?

Are you searching for a fulfilling and promising career path? Look no further than the manufacturing industry. With its diverse job roles, technological advancements, and significant contribution to the global economy, manufacturing presents a wealth of job opportunities for job seekers.

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How Can I Fill a Niche Position as an Employer?

Employers are constantly looking for ways to stand out in today’s competitive job market. One way to do this is to fill a niche position. Niche

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How to Survive Repetitive Tasks at Work

Repetitive tasks are particularly challenging for employees because of the lack of variety. Doing the same thing repeatedly can be monotonous and tedious, leading to boredom and burnout.

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What are the Biggest Risks for Manufacturing Employers?

Manufacturing jobs are a cornerstone of the American economy. However, as the industry continues to evolve, employers must take steps to protect their businesses from various potential risks.

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Six Steps for a Successful Job Interview

Organizations frequently evaluate their finances, strategies, and headcounts when preparing for the future. A critical component of making plans for future business success is ensuring they have the appropriate number of employees and skill sets within their budget. You can decide whether or not your organization can benefit from this activity by learning more about planning in this area.

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The Best Strategies to Upskill Employees

Whether working with a fresh college graduate or a seasoned employee who gets promoted, it is vital to have the skill and confidence required to advise new personnel throughout organizational and task management duties when beginning a new career.

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How Can You Match Your Skills to a Job Description?

Are you looking for a job but don’t know how to match your skills to the job description? You’re not alone. Many applicants struggle to connect their interests and the job they’re applying for. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to find the right job for you.

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How to Find the Right Candidate for Repetitive Tasks

Organizations frequently evaluate their finances, strategies, and headcounts when preparing for the future. A critical component of making plans for future business success is ensuring they have the appropriate number of employees and skill sets within their budget. You can decide whether or not your organization can benefit from this activity by learning more about planning in this area.

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The Ultimate Guide to Headcount Planning

Organizations frequently evaluate their finances, strategies, and headcounts when preparing for the future. A critical component of making plans for future business success is ensuring they have the appropriate number of employees and skill sets within their budget. You can decide whether or not your organization can benefit from this activity by learning more about planning in this area.

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What are the Top Entry-Level Manufacturing Jobs?

There is no denying the impact that manufacturing workers have on our daily lives. Anyone looking to gain admission into this thriving industry will likely start with an entry-level position that allows them to get their feet wet and continue building the needed skills to advance. Fortunately, we are here to help break down the top entry-level manufacturing jobs that you likely have the skills for already.

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Certified Source Announces New Locations in Tulsa and Lawton, Oklahoma

Following the distinction of being named the Top Employment Agency in Tulsa for 2022 by, recent growth has led the company to transition to a new facility in Tulsa and open a new location in Lawton to serve job seekers and their employer clients better.

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Ways to Thank Your Team for Their Hard Work 

Managing a team of people can be difficult in many ways – from giving positive feedback to reprimanding employees when necessary. However, thanking staff is vital to continue empowering teams and their productivity. When we think about giving thanks to team members, we must realize that rewards can come in all shapes and sizes. What kind of reward would you want for your hard work?

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Updating Your Resume for the New Year 

A resume is the first thing a new employer will see, well before your physical appearance. Therefore, editing your resume as time progresses is essential to keep up with current reflections on work duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments. To help you through this process, we have five suggestions to help you update your resume.

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Hiring In a Tight Labor Market

It can be quite challenging to hire top-notch candidates in a tight labor market; however, putting some or all of these strategies into place will help your company lead in the competition for outstanding candidates.

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How to Stand Out in a Tight Job Market

Today’s job market is as tight as ever; nevertheless, there are ways you can ensure you will get noticed by potential employers. The following are ways you can leverage yourself to stand out from the other applicants.

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Certified Source Named Top Employment Agency in Tulsa for 2022

Certified Source, a performance-based staffing partner specializing in the manufacturing sector and repetitive task jobs, has been recognized as a top employment agency in Tulsa for 2022 by

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How Many Employees Do You Need? 

Determining the number of employees you need is extremely important for your company’s success. This article will give you a few tips when trying to figure out whether your business is ready to hire more employees or if downsizing is necessary.

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Top Assets You Can Bring to a Company

During an interview, you may encounter the question, “What top assets can you bring to this company?” Know yourself so you can sell yourself, especially if you’re applying for that high-paying, top-notch job you’ve been striving for.

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How to Start a Mentor Program

A mentor program should begin at the hire date of a new staff member, including a training checklist for specific job duties that are itemized to their particular position. Creating a welcoming process that provides mentorship through developmental and sustainable work procedures is essential to maximize new-hire success.

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How to Be a Good Mentor at Work

Whether working with a fresh college graduate or a seasoned employee who gets promoted, it is vital to have the skill and confidence required to advise new personnel throughout organizational and task management duties when beginning a new career.

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Great Questions to Gauge Employee Engagement

Your average employee will not go out of their way to give you feedback about the company. Many employees fear the backlash of “complaining.” This makes it difficult for employers to gauge employee engagement.

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Employee talking to his boss

How and When to Give Feedback to Your Boss

Without feedback, people would walk around their daily lives or at their job, unsure how they are doing. Feedback is needed to inform you of what you are doing well and what can be improved. Yes, everyone needs feedback, especially in their professional life. Everyone, including your boss!

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Business Meeting

How to Request and Accept Feedback

Possible Solutions for High Turnover Why are employees so intimidated by “Can I see you in my office”? It might be that feedback from your boss, or even your friends and family, has developed somewhat of a negative aura. It seems that many people think of feedback solely as criticism. However, feedback is essential to…

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Employer Giving Feedback

How To Provide Effective Employee Feedback

Over the years, feedback has developed a negative image. Most people who think of feedback automatically imagine negativity or criticism. However, feedback is essential in most people’s everyday life, not just at work. From a routine dental checkup to an annual job review, feedback is a neat little way to determine if we are doing a good job or need to work on some things.

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How To Juggle Multiple Tasks Effectively

Multitasking is a prominent component of the current work culture. When implemented well, juggling numerous tasks can help people achieve their goals quicker and more efficiently. However, if executed poorly, a person cannot perform well or underdeliver due to being stretched thin.

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How to Lead Without Micromanaging

Micromanaging can lead to an unmotivated workforce that doesn’t give their best effort. Strong leaders demonstrate trust and support to improve employee morale and inspire a staff that lacks enthusiasm and purpose. An energized employee more connected to purpose is more likely to take the initiative, which frees you to take on more urgent matters. Let’s find out more about how managers can hold their employees accountable – without doing the work for them.

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5 Reasons Why Work-Life Balance is Important

The demands today to be the best in your profession are at an all-time high. From families pressing their kids to go to college to have a brighter future, to your boss needing you to cover extra shifts to keep their business running, the pressure is all around us, and it is almost maddening.

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Why is Work-Life Balance Important to your Employees?

In a demanding world that appears to look for perfection and 100% commitment, stress is at an all-time high. Pair that with a pandemic that we are trying to recover from and a war overseas that is affecting the economy, and it is easy to see why employers are putting so much on their employee’s shoulders. However, employers must keep in mind that for their business and operations to keep running smoothly, the health and attitude of their employees are also important things to maintain.

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Manager and Factory Workers Team standing in production line

Possible Solutions for Injuries and Employee Compliance Issues

Many manufacturers take the precautions to be a step ahead of other industries when it comes to workplace safety. Unfortunately, they must be due to the use of heavy machinery, excessive noise, and hazardous materials. Keeping team members safe at all times should be a priority, not an afterthought. But what role might motivation play in ensuring that your employees are maintaining strict safety standards at all times?

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Possible Solutions for Low Morale

Achieving high employee morale does not always mean that a business needs to crank up its incentive programs or provide higher than average wages. In fact, there are many cost-effective ways to increase motivation sitewide and help teams excel in all required areas. As a team leader, there is a good chance you will play a vital role in employee morale. What are you doing to improve it among your team members actively?

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Factory Machines

Possible Solutions for High Non-Employee Performance Costs

To be an effective manager, you must understand both the value and price of your employees. In the manufacturing industry, employee performance can be a huge source of financial losses or gains – making it critical to ensure that team members give their all every time they are on a production line. But what monetary value does an employee need to contribute to ensure that an organization is not losing money because of their non-performance? The most apparent answer is that they need to be producing as much as their benefits and income cost.

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tired office worker sitting at desk using computer and doing overtime project

Possible Solutions for High Overtime Hours and Cost

When a manufacturing facility’s productivity drops, it can often lead to extended time requirements to complete projects. As you might imagine, this makes employee costs soar as high overtime hours and higher pay start becoming a standard. But what if you could motivate your employees to complete the required work within designated work periods? With suitable systems in place, and an adequate workforce and training, finishing projects before overtime is necessary might not be as hard as you think. At least not when you are giving employees the attention they need to be successful.

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Possible Solutions for High Administrative Activities

Modern businesses often struggle to develop a company culture that attracts the right talent and ensures that employees remain committed to the goals that are in place. But what happens when the individuals who are supposed to oversee the success of incentive programs are not keeping up with the demands placed on them? Employees can quickly become disenfranchised if they are not motivated like any other job. But what can be done to encourage the motivators and ensure that programs are working as intended?

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Possible Solutions for Low First Pass Yield

Manufacturing organizations are constantly working to navigate disruptions. As the industry rebounds from the global pandemic and its associated labor shortages, production is finally starting to get back to normal. One of the best ways for these organizations to grow is to ensure that their finished product first-pass yield for primary products is calculated correctly. Focusing on motivation may be a great way to increase the first-pass yield to an acceptable range if it is low.

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Possible Solutions for Turnover

In the manufacturing industry, it is incredibly easy for a stellar employee to quickly lose motivation simply because they are completing the same job duties in repetition each day. Since this can quickly lead to turnover, businesses should constantly be implementing counseling, socialization, incentive programs, and recognition programs to ensure motivation remains at an all-time high.

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Tired overworked office employee sleeping at workplace

Possible Solutions for Low Productivity

One of the biggest problems most managers face is keeping their employees motivated and productive. This is even more of a challenge in the manufacturing industry because the workforce is required to do the same monotonous tasks every day to ensure that a specific product is made.

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How to Spot an Employee Ready for a Promotion 

Most business owners are invested in their employees and want to see them thrive and grow. Not only is this a reflection of outstanding leadership, but it is also a clear sign that the organization is moving in the right direction. But how do you know when an employee is ready for a promotion, and what key moments should you be looking for as their manager? This article will explore some of the things that may signify a promotion is due and some tips on rewarding outstanding performers within the company.

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Position Yourself for New Opportunities 

If you are looking for a job or want to continue your existing career with a new company, there is a good chance that you do not want to submit your resume only to have it buried in a stack of other hopeful applicants. The truth is, you want to ensure that you are the top candidate for the positions that you are applying for. This article will explore how you can position yourself for new opportunities and ace an interview with leading employers.

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Businesswoman clapping hands after successful brainstorming session

Keep Employee Momentum Going in 2022 

When you started your business or took on a management role, there is a good chance that you had set clear and defined goals about what you wanted to achieve. While things may have gotten off to a great start, it is easy to quickly fall back into old patterns. The truth is, sticking to your goals can be challenging for anyone – especially your employees. But what can you do as an employer to set them up for the best chances at success so they can keep the momentum going into 2022?

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Stick to Your Career Goals in 2022 

For most people, the start of the New Year is a chance to lose weight or stop smoking. While these are admirable goals, they are only a few options you could choose to better your circumstances and improve your quality of life. If you want to take a tremendous step towards making real change in your life, why not consider setting new career goals in 2022 instead?

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